Visa Types

Australian Visas Down Under will help you with all your Australian Visa needs such as…

  1. Visa Selection and Application
  2. Preparation of your case
  3. Representation at Tribunal and Court Appeals
  4. Post Visa follow-ups and decisions
  5. Information and Guidance on living in Australia
  6. Orientation upon arriving in Australia


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There are over 100 different types of Australian Visas, however to make things easier we have listed the main Visa types we typically deal with below.

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Employer Sponsored Visa

The Employer Sponsored Visa is where you work for an employer in Australia and this employer sponsors your Visa to work in Australia for a minimum period of three (3) years. This visa is a ‘permanent’ visa, which allows you to stay in Australia permanently.

Australian Visas Down Under are specialists in Employer Sponsored Visas and have recruitment solutions for your skills and needs.

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Work Visa 457

The 457 Visa in Australia is one that allows workers to work ‘temporarily’ in Australia for a minimum of four (4) years and you are sponsored by an employer on a temporary basis. This is a pathway to becoming a permanent resident.

Australian Visas Down Under are specialists in Work Visa 457 and other variations of this visa. To see if you are suitable to apply, conducting a ‘free assessment online’ enables Australian Visas Down Under to provide feedback and possible opportunities here in Australia.

Free Assessment – Work Visa 457

Skilled Migration

The Skilled Migration Visa is where your occupational skills are in demand in Australia, if they are listed on the skills shortage list. Applicants must have a good proficiency in English and meet a points test.

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Business Visa

If you are looking to conduct short business visits to Australia or invest, buy or manage a business here the Business Visa in Australia allows you to do this.

Australian Visas Down Under are specialists in Business Visas and networking, to help you get started…

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Student Visa

The Student Visa in Australia allows you to study full time in Australia. There is a pathway to further your career, as well as learning the English language to increase your career skills. Australia is a fantastic place to study with world class English Colleges and Universities catered for international students.

Australian Visas Down Under are specialists in this area and experience, with many contacts in the education sector to start your studying in Australia.

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Spouse/Partner Visa

Australian Visas Down Under can also advise and act on your behalf, or on behalf of members of your family. Application for the Spouse Visa in Australia can be worked on by Australian Visas Down Under immigration specialists that currently understand the immigration laws and legislation in Australia. There is peace of mind knowing your family is also being looked after.

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