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Business people can apply for a Business Visa for Australia to, establish, invest or manage a new or existing business in this country. This is also for business people wanting to conduct short business visits to Australia. Note: Government changes are coming soon that apply to this visa.

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Business Visa Australia – More Information

Traveling abroad for business or pleasure can be stressful, especially if the country you’re intending to visit has strict immigration rules. For anyone traveling into Australia for business, a business visa application for Australia must be filled out and approved and a visa received. There are many different classes of business visa in Australia that you can apply for. The most common type of business visa is the Short-Visit Visa. This visa allows for businessmen and women to enter Australia for up to three months at a time in order to attend conferences, business negotiations, work exploration, engage in business, as well as bring a spouse and dependent children.

The Short-Visit Visa business application for Australia comes in two forms: the Short Validity, which expires after 12 months, and the Long Validity, which expires at the same time as the passport it is attached to.

There are four other types of Business Visa Applications for Australia that businessmen and women can take advantage of. These include the Temporary Business Long Stay visa, a Business Owner visa, a Senior Executive visa, and an Investor visa. Each of these visas has different rulings on the basic requirements as well as the duration of stays allowed in Australia at any given time.

For those who want to make Australia their permanent home, there are four additional different types of visas that can be applied for. These include the Business Owner visa, the Investor’s visa, the Established Business visa, and the Business Talent visa.

There are a lot of things that you will need to keep in mind prior to filling out your Business Visa (Australia) application. Each different type of visa has strict requirements that must be fulfilled, including company backing, amounts of investment in the Australian government, reason for visiting Australia (be it for a convention or for setting up a business branch), and duration of your stay. Above all, it is really important that you select the right type of application for your needs. Australia has a very strict immigration process, and filling out the wrong form can set you back a great deal of money for the application fees as well as set you behind a significant amount of time. This can result in missing an important convention or business opportunity.

If you already have a business visa for entering Australia, make certain that you renew it at the appropriate times in order to prevent delays in processing your renewal for your visa.