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The 457 Visa Australia is a Temporary Work Visa to gain employment in Australia. It is also a pathway to becoming a permanent resident. The 457 work visa allows you to be sponsored by an Employer in Australia for a temporary basis for a minimum of four years…

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457 Visa in Australia – Application Information

The 457 visa for Australia is the most widely applied for and granted Australian Visa to citizens of foreign countries. Officially, the 457 Visa is known as Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Visa. Unlike normal business visas, tourist visas and student visas, the 457 visa for Australia cannot be applied by anyone living in another country. The 457 visa application process and eligibility criteria only accepts individuals who have an existing job with an Australian employer.

The job may be temporary, contractual or a full time position and it may be across any industry and position. However, the company or business sponsoring the 457 visa for Australia must be considered as an eligible employer. Almost any business registered in Australia can sponsor a 457 visa application. International companies who have a presence in Australia may also use the 457 visa for Australia to send staff on short to medium term work for certain positions when deemed necessary.

The 457 visa application is not necessarily a very complicated exercise but there are a few things that are of prime significance and if they are not complied with then getting the 457 visa for Australia may become a challenge. The first requirement of the 457 visa for Australia is that the person or prospective employee in question must know English, must be skilled and if necessary, have the required certifications for the specific skill or position for which he or she is being hired. Background checks are mandatory and one must have a clean history and character to be eligible for the 457 visa for Australia. Every company reserves the right to hire a certain professional for a specific job but the ultimate decision rests upon the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

The 457 visa for Australia can be for one day or for as many as 4 years depending on the nature of the requirements. If employers (the sponsors) wish to extend the 457 visa then they can renew the existing one and if an individual intends to stay on after expiry of the previous visa then they would have to find a new eligible employer and file for another 457 visa application or renew the existing one with amended details.

The 457 visa for Australia is also a preceding case for most foreign citizens who later apply for permanent citizenship.